A few resources and thoughts about women of color at work.
Men Who Actually Get It
One of Athena's "three truths" is that traditionally male leadership traits are often favored over female ones, which creates additional hurdles for women of color. This type of leadership bias is getting more and more attention, and surprisingly, there are some pretty outspoken men paving the way.
Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Simon Sinek (two of my favorite leadership experts) have been sounding the alarm for years. And recently, speaker and trainer Paul Krismer noted:

The 21st Century is crying out for leaders who can do more than "command and control." We need emotional intelligence, multi-factorial thinking, and customer-centric C-suite leaders. 

When we recognize these leadership skills that look "different" and are more readily embodied by women, then women will be hired in the numbers and roles such that culture change will occur more easily. Women leaders will be the role models for entire workforce.

He gets it! (I especially like that last line).

What do you think of Paul's comment? Do you know of other male thought leaders who profess the unique leadership qualities of women? Are you one??

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- Desiré, Founder
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